POPPER is a high porous expanded clay pebble derived  from  cretaceous era  sediment clay in Thailand basin.

Those clay been carefully operated to  small pellets. Expanded clay made by burning at 1200 celsius in a special design rotary kiln,then cool down immediately .

The very porous structure will be occured inside
a round shape and smoothly skin clay pebble.
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POPPER  The best light weight expanded clay aggregate
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Category            Size          Shape Bulk density      Images
PP # 300 < 5 mm Round 450 gms/litre  
PP # 600         6 - 10 mm Round 420  gms/litre  
PP # 800   > 10 mm Round 320 gms/litre  
  PP # 1200
     10 - 20 mm Round 300 gms/litre  

Popper were pelletised in various particle size.
Customer can chose the optimum size on requirement.